Typical ChristWay Ministries

Counseling, Teaching, and Challenging Pastors.

An Older Church with a Small Congregation
Has Started to Grow Again.

A Growing Rural Church - ChristWay Ministries
Assisted the Pastors with Leading Through Change.

Deacon Training Seminars Help Churches Organize for Caring Ministries and Growth.

Deacons Study the Scriptures Together to Discover God's Plan.

This Suburban Church Hosted the Deacon Seminar for Other Area Churches.

This Florida Church Needed Help Calling a New Senior Pastor.
Six Hours was Spent in a Saturday Consulting Session That Helped Them Clarify Their Focus.

This Country Church Had Outgrown Its Building and Needed Guidance in Looking For a New Site to Which They Could Move.

As a Small Town Church, This Congregation Was Experiencing Decline and Apathy.
The Pastor and Deacons Needed Encouragement and Suggestions.

This Rapidly Growing Small Town Church Experienced an
"Excelling Church Consultation" in Preparation for Major Decisions Ahead.

An All Day Saturday Seminar is Provided Entitled "Refocusing the Church to be Healthy".

Focus Groups of Church Teachers and Leaders Meet During the Seminar to Explore Ways to Understand Their Ministries and Set Goals. (These Are Pre-School Teachers.)

This New England Congregation in a Resort Area Has Been in "An Excelling Church Consultation" and Is Now Working Through Changes that will Enable Their Ministry to Grow.

The Pastors and Leadership Team Receives a 40-60 Page Report, "SWOT Analysis," and Recommendations for Future Action. Each Church Receives Suggestions Unique to Their Situation and Needs.

The ChristWay Ministries staff functions as "Church Doctors" in assisting congregations that are declining and failing, so that they may make needed changes and become productive for God again.

Healthy, growing churches receive counsel, advice, and assistance with strategic planning in relation to specific decisions to enable them to continue growing and to multiply