A ministry of encouragement for church leaders and professional development for pastors. The seminars provide the opportunity and ingredients needed to assist pastors and churches in personal, spiritual, and professional renewal and growth. A series of learning and fellowship venues are blended with a long-range strategy to provide a lifelong network for revitalizing and growing churches as well as personal pastoral ministries.

ChristWay Seminars are designed to assist participants in learning how to serve the Savior more effectively; these intense leadership training modules are participatory and utilize visual, print, and interactive learning opportunities. Seminar schedules and scope may be designed to best fit the needs of the sponsoring group both in format and topic. Two popular options include:

Pastoral Leadership: This is a two-day (during weekdays) seminar for pastors and ministry professionals which includes up to six hours of instruction each day for up to 12 hours of learning content. A variety of subjects are available that are of particular interest to pastors (see attached listing for possibilities).

Lay Leadership: These Saturday seminars are designed for laymen and their pastors and provide five hours of training in their usual format. A variety of subjects are available that enable lay leaders to develop their skills and team with their pastors to renew and grow their churches. Subject areas include evangelism, leadership, discipling/mentoring, church growth, Sunday school teaching, deacon caring ministries and the Christian home as well as others.

ChristWay Ministry Seminars are available for individual churches or for groups of area churches who are invited to come together for excellent life changing learning. Costs are very reasonable for the high quality so that any church may participate.


ChristWay Ministries Lay Leadership Seminar Titles
Refocusing Your Church to Be Healthy
Deacon Caring Ministry
Developing a Passion for Outreach
Men's Leadership - How to Become a Man of Influence for God
Training Current and Emerging Leaders
Culture and Ministry Seminar
Changing Ministries for Changing Times
Teaching with Influence and Impact
Utilizing Adult Sunday School Classes
Professional Development Seminars for Pastors

  • May be taken for C.E.U. or Seminary course credit
  • Normally require two days of teaching/learning time
  • Concentrated interactive learning with other pastors
Leading the Church in a Changing World
Maximum Ministry Seminar
Developing an Outreach Oriented Church